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Surgical Dentistry is also known as Oral Surgery.

Implant PicSurgical Dentistry is also known as Oral Surgery.

Our in-house Oral Surgeon is Dr J McLoughlin.

The most common procedure which Dr Broadbent carries out is dental extractions, and these are mostly wisdom teeth extractions. The wisdom teeth which tend to require extraction are usually:

  • Heavily impacted and causing repeated pain episodes due to inflammation and swelling caused by infection
  • Heavily impacted and causing decay in an adjacent tooth
  • Heavily impacted and decayed wisdom tooth

Other teeth which may require extractions are:

  • Teeth being extracted for orthodontic purposes
  • Fractured roots
  • Heavily decayed teeth which are beyond treatment
  • Teeth which have had dental treatment which has subsequently failed and re-treatment is not an option.
  • A tooth which is badly broken down due to trauma

The teeth are extracted under local anaesthetic. Depending on the positioning and location of the tooth to be extracted, the Oral Surgeon may need to perform a surgical extraction which involves the surgeon making an incision into your gum.

If you are a very nervous patient, we can provide treatment with the following to help you to relax during your treatment:

  • Sedation (oral and intravenous)
  • Hypnotherapy

Some private hospitals still offer general anaesthetic for extraction procedures. We do not offer this facility at the Dental Spa.

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