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A place to relax at Covent Garden Dental Spa

Do you feel a little nervous about your visit to the dentist?


We know that most of our patients do. So, based on feedback we have received from our patients, we thought it would be great to think of a nice way to make our patients feel less apprehensive about their visit to the Covent Garden Dental Spa.

So we asked ourselves what the one thing we all enjoy doing was, that one thing that leaves us feeling totally relaxed and helps us forget about the problems of the outside world. We came to the unanimous decision that it has to be a massage! So we designed a little Spa Pod Room for our patients to come and have a massage on our massage chair, the ultimate indulgence. The Spa Pod Room is small and intimate, tastefully decorated with warm, rich, earthly colours. Aromatherapy oils such as lavander and patchouli are used to help our patients reach the ultimate level of relaxation prior to their dental treatment session.

Make sure when you are ready to book your appointment, you book allowing for some ‘Pamper Me’ time in our Spa Pod Room

Some of the comments we regularly hear:

‘I feel totally pampered’

‘I feel so relaxed now, I had just drifted off to sleep’

‘Can I come to the Dental Spa everyday now?’

‘I am no longer so nervous about my dental treatment’

‘I am looking forward to coming back next time, can I come in earlier for the appointment?’

Believe it or not, the whole experience in our Spa Pod Room made our patients look forward to visiting us at the Dental Spa for their dental treatment.

And guess what? The Dental Spa soon became talk of the town, most of our patients who live and work in the Covent Garden area have spread the news to all their friends about how they can come to the dentist for dental treatment and have a massage at the same time. And now all of their friends are coming for dental treatment too.

Now that is what I call service! Or more like ‘Dentistry with a Pampering Touch!’.

There are very few dental practices that can boast that they provide a similar service to such a high standard.

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