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IMG_7762What inspired you to do the Inman aligner treatment?

I was looking for a fast and discrete way to re-align my front teeth, which had become increasingly crowded over time. I researched a number of options but the Inman Aligner compared favorably to other orthodontic appliances from both a time and cost perspective.

Did you have any time constraints when it came to doing your treatment?

Yes – I was 6 months away from getting married when I started treatment.

How long did the treatment take in the end?

It took four weeks for my upper arch to be fully realigned – even quicker than the 10-12 weeks I was originally anticipating!

Was the treatment what you were expecting?

Broadly, yes. The appliance itself was less noticeable than I anticipated, but the tenderness during the first 48 hours was slightly worse. I found that my teeth moved very quickly indeed – the change within the first 24 hours was significant – so it does make sense that the pain was concentrated in this initial phase. I found that normal painkillers were adequate for managing the soreness and, pleasingly, I experienced no discomfort whatsoever during the ‘stripping’ process.

Were there any downsides to the treatments?

I was slightly apprehensive about wearing a brace as an adult but was pleasantly surprised by how discreet the Inman Aligner looked.

Did you find it hard to speak at first? If yes, how long did it take to adjust?

My speech was difficult on the first day I wore the appliance but gradually improved over the next few days. I did continue to struggle with the letters ‘d’ and ‘j’ throughout the process but found it really helpful that the appliance could be removed for important meetings and phone calls.

Are you happy with the overall result?

I’m amazed by the results. The four weeks flew by and the difference to my smile and confidence was noticeable day by day.

Would you recommend the Inman aligner to anyone considering orthodontic treatment?

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the treatment to anyone. The treatment time was significantly shorter than with any comparable appliances and the results are fantastic.

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