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We love working in a state-of-the-art dental practice. We believe we are pioneering in digital dentistry at the Dental Spa and we want to share this exciting personalized experience with our patients.


What can our iTero scanner do?

  1. We can show you how Invisalign can improve your smile. This gives you the ability to get involved in your treatment planning
  2. We can scan your teeth instead of taking those horrible putty molds of your teeth. A huge step into the future
  3. The technology allows you a direct visual of the current status of your oral health condition
  4. We can use the your scan to monitor tooth wear, so if you show signs of overzealous brushing that we need to monitor, the scanner can monitor this for us.
  5. Do you worry your teeth are moving? The scanner will monitor any tooth movements and alert us of any unwanted tooth movements
  6. Do you worry about recession? The iTero scanner is great for monitoring recession and will show us if your gum recession has progressed since last scan.


To experience the iTero TimeLapse features and enjoy a Digital Dentistry interactive smile consultation, please contact us  

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iTero Scanner

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