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My patients repeatedly asked me ’What will my teeth look like after Invisalign?’ And that was a good question, the million dollar question. My answer was a simple description – ‘They will look lovely and straight’. But I felt it was unfair for them to invest on just my promise. There had to be an easier and fairer way of doing this.

Then I was introduced to the iTero. What an impressive piece of equipment.

This machine can literally scan your teeth in a couple of minutes, and with the click of a button, you can see your teeth in 3D. Then the best thing is with the a click of the second button, we can see a 3D assimilation of what your teeth will look like once you have completed our Invisalign treatment. It’s like magic. And you won’t understand my sheer excitement until you see the iTero and the amazing work it can do.

The iTero is the cutting edge in dental technology as it provides 100% precision when scanning the teeth. It is a cool gadget and an educational tool, and it is guaranteed to enhance your experience at The Dental Spa.

iTero Scanner

Advantages of the iTero

  1. So many patients hate having impressions taken – the iTero can do the same as an impression, without that gagging feeling.
  2. Scanning with the iTero is a simple, quick procedure, it takes a couple of minutes.
  3. It doesn’t cost a penny to see the end result of your Invisalign treatment
  4. You get to see your teeth in 3D so it is an excellent educational tool
  5. It works like a smart phone, so once we have the image of your teeth on the screen, we can expand the image, zoom in on the image, adjust the image, rotate the image
  6. The iTero is green – we don’t have to throw away any materials, which is what we have to do for the current impression taking methods we use
  7. Once we have a 3D imprint of your teeth, they can be sent electronically, thus avoiding needing courier services, and reducing the carbon footprint.

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November 2016


November 2016


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