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Looking for dental hygiene treatments in central London?

Dental hygiene treatments central LondonLooking for dental hygiene treatments in central London? Then Covent Garden Dental Spa should eb your first port of call. With us, your hygiene session will be tailored to suit your oral hygiene requirements.

We have a Hygiene Menu for you to choose from:

  • Classic Scale and Polish – £79

    This 30 minute hygiene session is ideal for our clients on our maintenance programme who have nearly perfect oral hygiene. If you are just looking for a hygiene top up for an important occasion such as a wedding or birthday, this is the ideal treatment for you.

  • Holistic Aloe Hygiene – £89

    This option is ideal for clients who believe in the Holistic approach. The treatment takes 40 minutes. After cleaning with an ultrasonic and hand scaling instruments, an aloe vera based gel will be used to polish your teeth. Aloe vera is a great gum healer, and has amazing natural teeth brightening properties too. This makes our Holistic Aloe Hygiene treatment a very popular choice with all of our patients.

  •  Diamond Sparkle Polish Stain Removal Clean – £89.00

    During this 40 minute session, our hygienist Farah will remove the stains on your teeth and then offer you a polish with one of the following flavours: Fresh-Cool Mint, Berry Burst, Orange or Delicious-Green Apple. Your gums will feel fabulously healthy and your teeth will be diamond sparkling clean! This treatment is a great alternative to teeth whitening if you want to avoid using the peroxide based materials we use for teeth whitening procedures, and offers some of the best value for money in all of the dental hygiene treatments in central London.  

  • Fresh Breath Programme –  £148

    This treatment is the best cure to help say goodbye to halitosis. The treatment involves two 40 minute hygiene sessions during which our hygienist Emma provides a deep, intensive clean, using local anaesthetic where necessary. Farah will also provide instructions on how you can maintain good oral hygiene to prevent the recurrence of halitosis.

  • Introducing: Deluxe Diamond Sparkle Stain Removal Clean (including air-flow) – £135

    This 40 minutes treatment is the diamond sparkle hygiene but also includes stain removal using our air-flow machine. The air-flow uses a fine air-polishing powder to remove heavy stains caused by smoking or coffee, for example. This treatment is great for patients who have sensitive teeth and usually find the ultrasonic cleaning very sensitive. Again, you will have four flavours to choose from the Tutti fruity range – Cherry, Cassis, Tropical and Mint.

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The key to the success of your dental hygiene treatment is in the oral health education. Our hygienist will make time during your hygiene session to advise you on how best to maintain optimum oral hygiene between your six-monthly hygiene sessions. Covent Garden Dental spa is your one-stop destination for all of your dental hygiene treatments in central London.

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