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On the hunt for new dentures in central London? Covent Garden Dental Spa have you covered.

Dentures central LondonWhat is a denture?

On the hunt for new dentures in central London? Covent Garden Dental Spa have you covered.

A denture is a non-fixed appliance which is used to replace a missing tooth structure this restoring function and aesthetics. A denture can be a full denture – replacing all missing teeth, or a a partial denture replacing one or several teeth.

What materials are used for dentures?

Dentures are mainly made from acrylic, the quality of acrylic used will determine the cost of your denture. There other advancements such as Valplast dentures made of a material which allows more flexibility of the denture and provides good cosmetics. Acrylic dentures can be 100% acrylic, or sometimes reinforced with cobalt chromium for added retention, especially in the case of partial dentures. The cobalt chromium dentures tend to be more expensive than the all acrylic dentures. All of these options are available for Covent Garden Dental Spa patients looking for dentures in central London.

How does a denture stay in place?

  • The acrylic can use your gums and soft tissues for retention especially in the case of complete dentures.
  • A fixative can used to help aid retention, such as Polygrip.
  • The teeth on either side of the gaps can be used for retention, the technician designs the denture in such a way as to use these teeth for retention.
  • Implants can be used in an overdenture to aid retention.
  • Clasps and rests can be used on the abutment teeth to aid retention of a partial denture.

What are advantages of dentures?

  • After a tooth is lost, a denture is used to replace the tooth and this denture will prevent the movement of the remaining teeth, thus maintaining the space for future restorations such as implants.
  • They can be more cost effective than the other options for closing gaps such as implants or bridges.

What are disadvantages of dentures?

  • They a removable and so need to be removed for cleaning
  • They must be removed every night to give the gums a rest from being covered all the time
  • Good oral hygiene is required in order to avoid future decay, periodontal disease or gingival infections.
  • After a while, as your gum shrinks (this is a natural process which happens after teeth are lost) the denture may not have as good a fit. In this case the denture will need to be modified by a procedure called relining and in some instances, a whole remake is required.

What are the other alternatives to dentures?

Please allow us to show you why Covent Garden Dental Spa are the best choice for dentures in central London.

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