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18 months till your big day! You have allowed me plenty of time to get you that perfect Bridal Smile.

18 months till your big day! You have allowed me plenty of time to get you that perfect Bridal Smile. So what can I do for you?

Consultation and Hygiene:


content-image-square-bridal-smile-3A full in depth consultation with the Dentist is always advised. At this consultation, I will assess your teeth and gums. In the event you require any restorative dental treatment, this will allow me to provide the dental treatment at a leisurely pace. The correct number of hygiene sessions would be recommended to ensure your teeth and gums are healthy for your big day, and this above all else, is paramount.


If achieving the Perfect Bridal Smile involves straightening the teeth, the extra time will allow for all options of orthodontic treatment as a possibility. The orthodontic treatment required will depend on your treatment needs and how much tooth movement is required. If you need complex orthodontic treatment, 18 months is perfect.

We will discuss the orthodontic option which is best suited for you and your treatment needs.

Options for Orthodontic treatment vary from:

Invisalign: a clear almost invisible brace is used to move the teeth

Ceramic Braces: clear tooth coloured ceramic braces are used to move the teeth

Lingual braces: the brace is placed on the inside of the tooth, and hence is not visible at all

Depending on the treatment chosen, and degree of movement required, orthodontic treatment can take 4-18 months, sometimes more.


If you have any missing teeth the longer length of time will allow for other advanced treatments such as implants to be discussed. This tre

atment involves using a titanium screw to hold a new false tooth.

The treatment, involving any treatment planning , can take anything from 3 – 9 months.

Advanced Gum Treatment:

If you have a history of gum disease, treatment with a Periodontist may be advised. This will help the gums to heal prior to any other dental treatments being carried out.

Your gums may need some form of contouring to reshape your smile, this treatment is called crown lengthening and carried out by the Periodontist. This treatment can be done prior to veneer treatment being carried out on the front teeth.

The periodontal treatment can take anything from 3 to 9 months in order to achieve the best results, but as it is normally followed by other dental treatment, it is best in the 18 month category.

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