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2 days till your big day! Yep, it does happen. Teeth were at the bottom of your ‘Bridal to do list’.

2 days till your big day! Yep, it does happen. Teeth were at the bottom of your ‘Bridal to do list’. But it is my duty to make sure you have that Perfect Bridal Smile for your big day, so deliver I will! It is not impossible, as long as you have healthy teeth.

Consultation and Hygienecontent-image-square-bridal-smile-2

An examination and consultation would be conducted first of all.

Followed by a hygiene session to make sure your gums are healthy. For some brides-to-be, that’s all they want! A simple hygiene for nice pink gums and fresh breath does make a big difference.

Diamond Sparkle Hygiene polish

This treatment is like a deep clean. We use a diamond high gloss polishes which leaves the teeth nice and sparkly clean. The treatment takes 40 minutes.

Laser Teeth Whitening

The only other thing I could do for this Bride-to-be is the Laser Teeth Whitening. We would not be enough time for the take home teeth whitening. The laser treatment takes one hour in the surgery.

In most instances, we manage to achieve the Perfect Bridal Smile. It’s all about how you envisage your smile as a bride and all in all, what will make you feel beautiful and confident on your special day!

So, ladies, if he has proposed, please allow plenty of time for us to ensure you have that Perfect Bridal Smile, and try not to have teeth at the bottom on your bridal-to-do list!

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