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Tips by Dr. Flora

Some facts we should all know about Mouth Cancer

November is Mouth Cancer Action Month, and over the month, dentists across the UK will be raising awareness of mouth cancer, with the hope of preventing mouth cancer through early detection and prevention. This event is run through the Oral Health Foundation, working...

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5 things to do for glam holiday teeth

5 things to do for glam holiday teeth. Make your teeth holiday ready! 
 When you’re juggling your boarding pass, passport, and everything else on your mind before you take off, it can be easy to forget ‘small incidentals’. Your toothbrush, however, should be at the...

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5 Top Tips to keep your teeth clean if you have braces

Treat the braces as a separate set of teeth- they’ll probably be with you for a short while anyway! Brush your teeth and the brace separately. Everybody needs to be brushing for 2 minutes twice a day, but with braces you’ll need to allocate a little extra time in the...

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A good workman never blames his tools

A good workman never blames his tools 5 top tips from Emma our hygienist for better toothbrushing skills. A bad workman blames his tools: Give yourself no excuses by using the correct equipment. I always advise an electric toothbrush, because most people find them...

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1742 Smiles for Africa

  Can you hear the excitement in the whistles and of screams of joy from these young children in Zimbabwe after they had been given the simple gift of a toothbrush? Ask yourself this - what would it take to make you reach this level of uninhibited, pure and simple...

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Fall in love with your smile this Valentines

Fall in love with your smile this Valentines:   5 top tips for a kissable smile this Valentine’s Day as advised by our Hygienist Emma Rettig A smile is one of the first things other people notice about you. Be sure to impress your date with your bright and radiant...

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Overcome your Dental Anxieties with Dr Flora’s Top Tips

Overcome your Dental Anxieties with Dr Flora's Top Tips So many people talk about their fear of the dentist. Whether this be the mere mention of the ‘D’ word, or just the sight of one dressed in his white coat, it’s enough to leave some people breaking into a sweat....

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