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Lingual Braces Diary

My Teeth Before Braces

Lana Fattah OPG


LF pic newWhy am I getting the Incognito lingual brace?

“Your teeth are already straight, you don’t need braces!” Yes I have heard this a lot before. Teeth are a big part of my life, and especially as a hygienist I believe in the beautification of teeth, I don’t seek anything less than perfection when it comes to my patients gnashers nor my own.

I wore braces in my teens with a head brace at night time (thank God it was PM only!) for over a year. With “teen” being the key word here, once I had completed treatment I never wore the prescribed retainers by my orthodontist advised me to wear at night; and eventually my teeth moved back into their original position over the years resulting in some over lapping and protruding of my upper front teeth.

So I am simply seeking perfection or close enough to it.

I have had all the impressions taken and I will keep you posted about my first appointment with Dr Erika for the fitting of my incognito brace!

Appointment 1

Yikes the day of the fitting! Dr Erika advised me that my case was mild and that I only needed minor movement, so she advised the “incognito light” which is a half arch lingual brace. I agreed fully and decided to go ahead. I could not hide my excitement! This is what they looked like just after fitting:

LF teeth 1

I will keep you posted about my next appointment. P.S the procedure was completely pain-free!

Appointment 2

Eight weeks later Dr Erika changed the inside wire of the incognito light brace. We took another picture and already I could already see movement! The arch looks more rounded. I can’t wait for the next appointment!


Appointment 3

“Mind the gap”
Dr Erika changed my wires as per usual and she advised me that she will be “de-rotating” the teeth that are overlapping a bit in order to then align them nicely together to create a straighter smile in appointment 4. It’s all part of the process. As a result I would have a gap until my next appointment. I had a Madonna’s smile!

LF pic 4


Appointment 4

Today was my 4th appointment with Dr Erika, I can’t believe it’s been 6 months already since I commenced treatment. Time flies by when you are wearing braces! Invincible ones in my case…

Dr. Erika told me that today we are “closing the gap”, I was smiling wider than Julia Roberts if that’s even possible!

As usual she changed the wires, but this time she said she process would be slower and then gap wouldn’t be closing as fast as it had widened last time. She used a different type of wire and also elastics. She also added blocks to my number “4s” again because I had ground down the ones at my initial fitting (I tend to grind and clench when stressed). This was to prevent my lower teeth from touching the incognito brace.

Come 11pm when I was brushing my teeth, I couldn’t believe what I saw; the gap was almost fully closed! I smiled so wide my cheeks hurt at the prospect of my new even straighter teeth!

Appt 4



Appointment 5

Dr Erika said this may be my last wire fitting as she changed the wire and removed all the elastics. We now have minor imperfections to align! She also took new impressions for comparison reasons I believe. I will be finishing earlier than expected!

Appt 5

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