Five Top Tips for Backpackers by Farah our Hygienist


When traveling around the world it can be hard to decide what to pack, especially when you want to pack LIGHT!

I’ve got some advice to help choose the right essentials without compromising your oral health!


When you’re on the move and sometimes without access to adapter plugs choose the correct manual brush to use. SOFT-MEDIUM textured bristles, all the same length, a SMALL head and light slim handle. Always use a light handed gentle approach sweeping the plaque away from the gum line.




  1. FLOSS

Don’t neglect those areas in between the teeth where the brush can’t get to. Keep it simple with one small box of floss which won’t take up much room! Dental tape has a wider flatter surface to glide through tighter contacts.







Visiting new countries usually means sampling new foods and a change in diet and hidden sugars can put you at risk. Using fluoride toothpaste and mouthwash helps to strengthen enamel against acid attacks. They are both available in small travel sizes too!


If you’re planning on exploring you may be using sleeper trains, island hopping or hiking mountains and your normal oral hygiene routine will be hard to follow, so chew sugar free gum. This stimulates natural cleansing and avoids heavy calculus build up.5. KEEP HYDRATED

It’s extremely important to avoid a dry mouth which can cause deposits to stick more easily to teeth and cause bad breath!