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November 26, 2015 Olivia Cox Beauty, Lifestyle

Olivia Cox

You may have noticed that I like to try new beauty treatments. It’s a great perk of the job – I get to pass judgement on the absolute pinnacle that the beauty industry has to offer and call it work. Hashtag living the dream.

Anyway. There is – would you believe – occasionally a downside to this. And I think it’s probably a downside that most worker bees can relate to: a lack of time in the day. A beauty treatment typically takes anything from around 20 minutes up to a couple of hours, and that doesn’t count extreme cases. The most troubling thing about this is that quite often there is a lot of ‘padding’ around the main event – stuff that isn’t actually relevant to you, or that you would actually quite like to bypass in order to prioritise your central concern.

A great example of this that I tried out today has been masterminded by Covent Garden Dental Spa and Station Spa: a thorough teeth clean and targeted facial all within an hour. Which is basically the recipe for a beaut smile this party season – and the fact you can just about squeeze it into a lunch break makes it all the better.

You start at the dental spa, where a hygienist assesses your teeth before cleaning and polishing them (you get to choose the taste of the polish – mint, apple or cherry – and it actually tastes really good), all from the comfort of your squishy dental chair.

Once you feel good and clean, you’re sent tootling down the road to Station Spa for your Dermalogica Microzone facial. And this is the clever part – they’ve stripped back the generic-ness of standard facials, by allowing you to choose which area slash concern you’d like them to work on. So you choose from things like dehydration, congestion and dullness. And then you get 20 minutes of treatment on that one specific concern.

The double-treatment is very results driven, but it an indulgent way. I even got a head massage while my face was steam. Talk about multi-tasking ;).

The treatment pair costs £99, which is £70 cheaper than if you were to book each separately.

Olivia x