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Who knew what fun going to work could be. Well at least that’s what I assume the guys who work for Facebook must think. On Tuesday, the Dental Spa team got to spend the day at the Facebook Headquarters. Oh my, I can tell you one thing for sure – if I worked at Facebook, I would never need to go home, ever. I’d just catch a kip on the badminton table or on one of the cosy sofas they have near the coffee bar. It was so much fun! It was like being in an adult wonderland. There is so much going on, happy Facebookers, buzzing about their day to day business, rushing from one meeting room to the next. At lunch time, their canteen serves a 3 course meal – well presented with a beautifully worded menu. Despite the fact there are lots of healthy bits on the menu, I think if that was served to me on daily basis, I would add a kilo or three…. I couldn’t resist the lamb roast, it was just delicious. And did I mention that the stand where we displayed our dental goodies was stationed right next to the sweet counter, oxymoron or what??…. It was a mini sweet heaven (yes – I do have a sweet tooth – within reason of course…) I resorted to just a chocolate brownie…. Just the one, I promise… As we were leaving we had a play in the anti-gravity room and took some fun pics. All in all, it was a fun day. I can understand why the Facebook business model works – with content staff, driven by appreciation and a great working environment, a business can only be a great success. Thank you Facebook for hosting us and showing us a such a lovely time.