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At the Dental Spa, we are giving our new generation of patients something to smile about. They can now pay for their dental treatment using digital. Bell, Amazon, PayPal and Virgin Galactic are some of the major companies that currently accept the innovative digital currency, we have sort of stepped in as the black sheep. Unlike some of the current companies that take Bitcoin, we are not a digital or savvy techy operation as such, so why have we made it our mission to be part of the revolution, by accepting the worlds’ leading P2P payment platform?


“I believe in the promise of what Bitcoin could be, and as a small business I’m happy to be part of it. Many of my clients are pretty tech savvy and this is exactly the kind of initiative that resonates with them. We thought it was important to offer our patients the flexibility to pay using the Bitcoin. We use the latest tech for our dental treatment, so why not extend that to how people transact with us. Also, let’s face it, it’s pretty cool.” 

Dr Flora Chigwedere (Practice Principal)