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Covent Garden Dental Spa… A Kiss-Mass Smile

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It’s not often that a trip to the dentist is a pleasurable experience. In fact I’m one of those types who puts off the horror of it for as long as is possible and then curses myself for leaving it so long when the experience is that much worse because of the wait. I don’t know why the act of dental care has become this way, but pretty much everyone I know dreads their check up appointment looming.

This year I was determined to look after my teeth more and after flitting between dentists ever since moving to London and only ever visiting when I absolutely must, I told myself 2014 would be the year I found a good dentist and settled down, making regular check ups and hygiene cleans part of my regular schedule. If you read my 2014 to-do list at the start of the year, you’ll know that I’ve also long since been toying with the idea of looking into orthodontics to straighten up my crooked bottom arch and widen my top. But, of course there always seemed to be something else more pressing to deal with, and I’m ashamed to say it took a proposal and the thought of an impending wedding before I got off my butt and did anything about it. But, I’ll re-iterate, a trip to the dentist is not normally a pleasurable experience.

So, you can imagine my surprise (and delight) when I left my first visit to the Covent Garden Dental Spa feeling happy, relaxed, with a bit of a spring in my step, and best of all, with a much brighter smile. Yup, the Covent Garden Dental Spa is not like any other dentist I’ve ever been to, it’s friendly, warm, relaxing and immediately does away with any pre-treatment nerves.

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The key to the success here, I believe, is the word ‘spa’. This central London based establishment doesn’t really think of itself as just a dentist. They like to offer dental care, and by care I mean a luxury pampering and relaxing experience which may also happen to include some teeth treatments. Let’s take the surroundings for example, nothing white or sterile about this place. No out of date magazines waiting for you or walls filled with posters of tooth related horror stories. No, instead I was greeted with a warm and cosy living space, complete with comfy armchairs, a copy of today’s papers, a tea and coffee machine, serene music playing softly all around me and fresh flowers adorning the tables. I was greeted with a smile (a particularly well kept, gleaming one of course) and immediately offered a seat, with my jacket and scarf being taken off me and hung up at the door. Had I entered the wrong building? Was I in fact at the hairdresser? Nope! I was exactly where I needed to be, and after my appointment was confirmed, I was brought a glass of water (I could have had tea or coffee but the fact I was off to the see the hygienist any moment stopped me) and asked if I’d like to spend a few minutes in the massage chair before my appointment. Massage chair? Well, this kind of dental was my kind of dental. I made my way into a cosy little room, where aromatherapy oils sent me into a serene state before the massage chair slowly worked away at all the tension in my back. A good ten minutes passed and I had drifted into such a relaxing place that I almost forgot the main reason I was there in the first place.

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Assuming that the fun part of my visit was now over and they had just been softening me up for the horror of a teeth clean, I reluctantly left my spot in the chair of dreams and made my way through to one of the examination rooms to meet with my hygienist and be treated to a turbo charged cleaning session which removes staining, build up and generally leads to a brighter (and cleaner) smile, without the need for chemical whitening. But once again, I was pleasantly surprised at what awaited me, another warm and inviting room (I almost don’t want to call it an examination room as it’s not at all like any examination rooms I’ve been in before), comfy chair and a chatty hygienist to boot, who immediately had me in fits of giggles and put me right at ease.

Now don’t go thinking that all of these extras so to speak are just smoke and mirrors, illusions to make you think you’re getting better dentistry. Because believe me the treatment received is of the same high standard as the service. Those aromatherapy oils aren’t secretly sending you into a comatose state so that you believe you’ve had the best dentist experience of your life, but it all simply adds to the overall experience, meaning that before you know it you’ve spent a relaxing hour at the dentist and only a very small percentage of that experience was uncomfortable. Because let’s be honest, know one ever loves having a stranger poke about inside their mouth, or having a vibrating contraption work away the plaque on their teeth but if those slight issues can be made all the better with a spot of apple flavoured coating, a riveting conversation and a back massage, then why the hell not?

I left with a bunch of tips from the hygienist on how to maintain the cleanliness at home, and not the type of tips that involve you buying the super dooper expensive products either, but simply a good toothpaste recommendation (and a few free tubes of the stuff handed out from bowls in the reception area along with words such as ‘take as much as you like’), some advice on how to get the best results from flossing and the introduction to a nifty little product called Tepe brushes which are available in Boots and are pink – sold!

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I spent the rest of the afternoon repeatedly running my tongue along the front of my teeth in disbelief, never before had they felt so smooth and clean, and I’d booked another appointment to see the orthodontist for the following week by the time I’d gotten home. Finally I think I might have found a dentist I can settle down with.

Right now the Covent Garden Dental Spa has a brilliant Christmas offer on, which can see you book their Deluxe Diamond Whitening package (a teeth whitening treatment for a healthy ‘kiss-mas’ grin) for only £299 (usually £499) and get a free hygiene session with an airflow treatment worth £135! Or you can opt for their ‘Bright White Christmas Smile’ a less invasive pre-party treatment offering a deep hygiene clean and fresh breath for only £67.50 and take away a free Sonicare toothbrush while you’re at it! (Plus for every Christmas smile treatment booked, £2.50 goes towards Smile 4 Africa, a charity helping young children in Africa)