1 to 3 months till your big day! We have just enough time to do a few bits for you.

1 to 3 months till your big day! We have just enough time to do a few bits for you.

Consultation and Hygiene

As mentioned above, I would carry out your full examination and consultation, and more importantly, carry out any essential restorative work such as fillings and hygiene.

If you become a Member of the Covent Garden Dental Spa you are entitled to a Free Teeth Whitening Treatment. Find out more about membership at the Dental Spa


Three months is a little late in the day for the bigger treatments such as orthodontics. We would be able to treat only the very simple cases, but we would be very restricted by time.

Veneers and Crowns

You may still be able to have other treatments such as veneers and crowns, depending on the extent of the treatment required and how much planning would be needed.

Teeth Whitening

If you have healthy teeth and gums and do not feel your teeth need straightening, then you are a perfect candidate for Teeth Whitening.

There are two types of whitening available to you:

  • Laser Teeth Whitening, which is whitening done in the office and allows instant results. This treatment would take roughly one hour in the surgery.Take Home
  • Whitening, which involves having bespoke custom made trays for you. You would wear the trays everyday for a two week period. The best thing about this treatment is you have more control over how light your teeth go. This treatment takes 2 weeks. If after two weeks, you would like your teeth to be lighter than the result achieved after two weeks of treatment, then you are able to continue for another one week, possibly even two. We would need to discuss this.Combination Whitening Treatment: I find this treatment provides the best results as we use a combination of the two above techniques. This treatment would take one hour in the surgery followed by two weeks of teeth whitening.

If you have any fillings or crowns on your front teeth, you would need to allow for the extra time to have these fillings replaced after your whitening treatment, as the whitening treatment will not change the colour of these restorations.

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