Only £225 and 10% off all Smile Make-over Treatments such as orthodontics, veneers and crowns.

Gold Bride Price

Only £225 and 10% off all Smile Make-over Treatments such as orthodontics, veneers and crowns.

Dental Check-upBridal Smile

(Normally £100)

The Dentist will carry out an extensive and in depth examination to find out as much as possible about your mouth. The first thing the dentist will do is an Oral Cancer Screening, which is part of the routine dental assessment. The dentist will then inspect each tooth as an individual, having a look at any old fillings and crowns ensuring they are stable, and looking out for any signs of possible decay.

Deluxe Diamond Sparkle Hygiene Polish

(Normally £135)

The hygienist assesses your tooth brushing habits and will provide a tailored hygiene treatment. The hygienist will also give you tips on tooth brushing and flossing to ensure you maintain good oral hygiene. This is the diamond sparkle hygiene but also includes stain removal using our air-flow machine. The air-flow uses a fine air-polishing powder to remove heavy stains caused by smoking or coffee, for example. This treatment is great as it leaves your teeth feeling sparkling clean and whiter.

Take Home Teeth Whitening

(Normally £199)

Bespoke or custom-made trays are made for your teeth. We will give you a low concentration gel of 10% or 16% gel to last you for two weeks. As the trays will last you for life, we like to consider it as Teeth Whitening for Life!

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