Tips by Dr. Flora

Five Top Tips for Backpackers by Farah our Hygienist

Five Top Tips for Backpackers by Farah our Hygienist   When traveling around the world it can be hard to decide what to pack, especially when you want to pack LIGHT! I’ve got some advice to help choose the right essentials without compromising your oral health! THE...

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5 Interesting Dental Products You May Not Know About

5 Interesting Dental Products You May Not Know About   The world of dental care is constantly changing and becoming more diverse to fit your dental needs and palate. Here are some products that may be unfamiliar to you and could help to improve your oral hygiene...

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5 Interesting facts about your pet’s teeth

  Did you know…… …You have to brush your dog or cat’s teeth every day!!! The easiest way is to train them from when they are still puppies or kittens, otherwise it’s not going to be easy to brush their teeth when they are all grown…. Unless you don’t mind getting a...

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Work Experience blog by Stass Nelson

          Day 1 Anticipation coursed through my body as I walked towards the front door. On the other side of the thick, heavy, wooden door, through the transparent panes of the glass doors walked people of sophistication. The lovely receptionist Justyna greeted me...

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Eating disorders written by Our Hygienist Irene

5 Effects of Bulimia on Teeth   Eating disorders, such as bulimia, can have serious and irreversible effects on teeth. Much like the damage of fizzy acidic drinks, pop drinks and energy drinks, bulimia can affect the appearance and shape of the teeth. However, acids...

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The importance of a Smile

Too many of my patients admit to not smiling. No matter how happy they are, they just won’t smile as they are too embarrassed of their smiles. Imagine how much more our presence would be appreciated if we all had a smile on our faces when we greet people. It would...

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Some facts we should all know about Mouth Cancer

November is Mouth Cancer Action Month, and over the month, dentists across the UK will be raising awareness of mouth cancer, with the hope of preventing mouth cancer through early detection and prevention. This event is run through the Oral Health Foundation, working...

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5 things to do for glam holiday teeth

5 things to do for glam holiday teeth. Make your teeth holiday ready! 
 When you’re juggling your boarding pass, passport, and everything else on your mind before you take off, it can be easy to forget ‘small incidentals’. Your toothbrush, however, should be at the...

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