Prevent Sensitive Teeth After a Hygiene Clean

By Flora Chigwedere

I've had a few patients asking me why their teeth are sensitive after they have had a clean with the hygienist. It is rare, but has been known to happen. Often after a cleaning session, you feel gaps between your teeth you think you never had due to the calculus you had grown so accustomed to being removed.

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National No Smoking Day!

By Flora Chigwedere

It’s National No Smoking Day!

If at first you don’t succeed, quit again!

There are so many non-dental reasons to stop smoking:

  • You want to be healthier
  • You want to feel fitter
  • You want that youthful look that smoking tends to rob from smokers
  • You want your wallet to not feel so light
  • You are thinking of your loved ones who may be affected


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