National No Smoking Day!

By Flora Chigwedere

It’s National No Smoking Day!

If at first you don’t succeed, quit again!

There are so many non-dental reasons to stop smoking:

  • You want to be healthier
  • You want to feel fitter
  • You want that youthful look that smoking tends to rob from smokers
  • You want your wallet to not feel so light
  • You are thinking of your loved ones who may be affected


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Valentine's Day: Avoid Dental Dating Disasters

By Flora Chigwedere

It’s Valentine’s Day, you are about to watch Fifty Shades of Grey with the girl or boy of your dreams. The mood is right, the setting is perfect, the lights have just dimmed as the hotly anticipated movie that is talk of the town is about to begin. You are about to lean in for that kiss, the one that will seal the deal, and there it is, that not so fresh pungent odour breath that is enough to make you think ‘oooops maybe not!’.

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