Reggie Yates

Actor & Presnter


November 2016

Nervous Patient Testimonial

Nat Tena

Harry Potter & Game of Thrones


November 2016

Smile Makeover

Patient Testimonial


Ballet Dancer and Model


Model and Vlogger

Orthodontic Treatment

Patient Testimonial

Patient Testimonials

Kate Holderness | Actress

Root Canal Treatment - Patient Testimonial


Kate Holderness | Actress

Testimonial - January 2015

I came to see Flora at the Covent Garden Dental Spa just over a year ago when I realised that people were telling that they thought I had some food stuck in my teeth, which was a bit embarrassing. It was the black line I had around the crown I had. I had the done about 10 years ago when I had a broken tooth, at the time because I had a natural gap between my teeth the dentist suggested that she can make a crown to close the gap. She did this by making the tooth extra wide, I was never very happy with that tooth, to me it was just a big tooth. Recently with the black line on the top I was becoming so self conscious about it, and really really uncomfortable. So we talked about the option for having a crown that was going to b e a much more natural; porcelain crown. I was pleased so to go ahead, I came in and had my crown removed which took a little while, then I had a temporary crown and then I had my new crown as you can see. It is a work of art, I can’t tell the difference to my other teeth as it’s a good match. The biggest thing I have noticed is now much I am smiling at everyone, on my facebook the photos of me are of me just smiling. I just can’t help it; I am really pleased with it. Thank you!

Dave Chapman

April 2014

Hello, my name is Johnnie Fiori. My occupation is a singer, songwriter and actor so my teeth are very important to me. For a long time I hadn’t gone to the dentist because I didn’t feel comfortable going to anybody, I didn’t feel comfortable with the whole process. The reason I didn’t feel comfortable with the process was because I have had extensive treatment, and then a friend told me about the Dental Spa when I was in Hairspray. Doing 8 shows a week leaves little to no time to go to the dentist so at the end of the run I decided to call Flora here at the Dental Spa. It was the greatest conversation I ever had, she put me completely to ease. When you come here it is a beautiful environment, it’s a very comfortable environment and she put you on the massage chair with the therapeutic oils and you are all chilled out then you go have your treatment done. There is no place like it! As I stated before my treatment has been extensive so today my braces are coming off earlier than I expected. All I can say this is a very welcoming environment, if you can say this about dentist, it’s a loving environment! I suggest it to anyone that wants any dental work done, even if you want your teeth whitening or if you want to do what I’ve done; implants, crowns, braces, posts. This is the place to be!!

Johnnie Flori| Singer, Songwriter & Actor

September 2014

Astrid | Director Of Sales

April 2015

More Patient Testimonials

Previous experiences had left me with a terrible fear of any form of dentistry, even entering a dental surgery in the past would make me break out in a sweat.

I kept putting off visiting the dentist, until I met Flora, who recommended hypnotherapy could help me overcome the fear and anxiety I associate with dental treatment.

I had a hypnotherapy session with Ian Jackson, Flora’s resident hypnotherapist. He hypnotised me, and when I came round, I felt very relaxed, and amazingly, all the anxiety I had walked in with had disappeared. It was a surreal experience.

There is lavender burning in the room where I was hypnotised. I routinely use lavender some nights before I go to bed, and this helps me to relax. So the lavender burning in the relaxation room will definitely have contributed to the relaxed, heavy feeling I had while under hypnosis. I felt no discomfort during the treatment, and the healing process caused me no discomfort at all. I was so impressed, I would highly recommend it to anyone who requires dental treatment, and previous not so pleasant experiences have rendered them ‘dental phoebes’ I would happily visit the dentist again. If I needed any further dental treatment, I would definitely have the hypnosis to help me relax. I immediately became a member of the Covent Garden Dental Spa. I pay a monthly direct debit of £18.00 per month, which entitles me to 2 free dental exams, 2 free hygiene sessions. As I am now committed, I will have no excuses to put off any dental appointments in the future.

Gemma Godman | Company Director of GG Communications

When I walked in to the Covent Garden Dental Spa I was carried away with the aromatherapy oils they had burning and I felt as though I was going to a massage place. Flora looked after me and she is fantastic! I told her that I am terrified and it was so simply, I did not feel anything that she did for me. I thought I had yellow teeth because it was gene but they very white now. Thank you so much Covent Garden Dental Spa.

Nat Tena | Actress - Harry Potter and Game of Thrones July

July 2013

I had not been to a dentist for over 20 year as I was terrified of dentists due to bad experience which meant my teeth got worse and worse. One day someone in my office recommended the Covent Garden Dental Spa to me. I came in here terribly nervous, full of trepidation! I was take through the whole process very logically by Flora and the team which made me feel a little at ease. I was shown inside my mouth which had never been done before so that was a massive help. By telling me step by step what was needed that terror eventually disappeared as I understood what was happening at each stage. With the nice music in the background and the massage chair before and after my treatment I started to relax. I have had 6 months worth of treatment and my nervous have appeared to be conquered thanks to the Covent Garden Dental Spa.

Barry McIlheney | Company Director

August 2013

Fel-thank-youI just wanted to express how pleased I am with my teeth, you have worked miracles! The level of service you have provided throughout my treatment has been outstanding. You resolved any issues I had immediately and accommodated me when I had to travel into London from afar, for which I am very grateful. Thank you for all your hard work and kindness over the past 20 months. From Felicity.

Felicity | Barrister

February 2015

Joshua De Costa

October 2016


January 2017


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