5 Reasons that make a hygiene treatment at the Covent Garden Dental Spa a cut above the rest


    1. Here at the Covent Garden Dental Spa we welcome patients in a reception area that is far removed from the cold and sterile environment typical of a waiting room of a dental office. Bouquets of flowers and relaxing aromatherapy oils greet you from the moment you enter. Warm natural tones surrounding you, helping you relax as you await your appointment.



2.Happen to be early, have a stiff back or just simply enjoy the comforts of a massage? Well then take advantage of our massage chair. We’ve a room solely dedicated for relaxation, providing massages for your neck all the way to your calves. You can choose from a variety of settings and methods that help transport you to a world of comfort

3.Choose from a selection of polishing pastes. We offer an option for all, including our most conscientious patients. From fluoride-free, aloe vera, vegan-friendly, to a plethora of flavours to suit everyone’s palate or way of life.

4.We are happy to cater to everyone’s needs and sensitivities. We’re not all made equal, therefore for patients with more sensitive gums or tenderness we can provide topical anaesthetic or local anaesthetic to ensure that the process is as comfortable for you as possible. This option of numbing is gratis for all. Be aware that for local anaesthesia we recommend you do not eat or consume hot beverages until regaining full feeling of areas numbed.

5. We pride ourselves in providing you the top-of-the-line care at each and every hygiene session. From ensuring your every comfort, such as providing additional pillows for your neck or back during treatments to taking the time to make sure we understand your health and concerns. Our hygiene team is just as concerned about your oral health as you are, providing personally-catered hygiene tips for you. We’re here to ensure methods and instructions are fully understood to make a better you, with take-home hygiene care cards provided at each and every appointment.