5 Interesting Dental Products You May Not Know About


The world of dental care is constantly changing and becoming more diverse to fit your dental needs and palate. Here are some products that may be unfamiliar to you and could help to improve your oral hygiene regiment.  All of which we now offer at the Covent Garden Dental Spa.


1  PLAQ-SEARCH™  by TePe®: Are tablets you chew, that help identify areas of the teeth covered by plaque. It does this by staining the teeth in two tones, red and blue; red indicating new plaque that has formed within the last 12 hours and blue plaque that has been present on the teeth for over 12 hours. A great tool to improve brushing by helping pointing out the exact areas that require cleaning that you might be missing.

2  WHITE FOAM   by EverSmile®: Is a new product that helps freshen and keep orthodontic aligners, sport guards, night guards and other dental trays clean. It uses a mild hydrogen peroxide formula to keep bacteria at bay. Keeping your smile bright and fresh. Using the handy pump action nozzle, one pump is generally enough per tray, which is then spread evenly using a finger. The tray is then placed in the mouth, any excess foam is then spat out. Leaving you with a fresh tasting and clean trays as you wear them. This product will leave your trays looking newer for longer too!




3  DURAPHAT® 5000ppm  by Colgate®: Is a toothpaste high in fluoride (prescribed or recommended by your dental care professional), indicated for protection against tooth decay. Suitable for adults and those 16 and over, with a history of tooth decay or active tooth decay, undergoing orthodontic treatment, or have a low saliva output, as well as those with high-sugar intake. The high fluoride toothpaste works by preventing and reversing early stages of tooth decay. Best used as your dental professional advises.


4  XEROSTOM® Gum by Biocosmetics Labratories™: Is a gum that hydrates and moisturises the mouth. Ideal for patients with low saliva flow or Sjogren’s syndrome, undergoing chemotherapy or radiation therapy. Excellent at relieving dry throat, mouth, by increasing saliva output up to 200%. The product is made with xylitol, therefore, will not increase your chances of developing tooth decay and is suitable for diabetics.



5  TONGUE CARE+  by Philips®: An excellent accessory for your Sonicare electric tooth brush. Fits just like your adaptive toothbrush on handle, except this is meant to provide a deep clean for your tongue. Simply spray the (alcohol-free) solution at the back of the tongue three times, place tongue brush on Sonicare handle and gently brush tongue. The 31,000 vibrations per/minute help breakdown and remove bacteria that contributes to bad breath.  Majority of bad breath causing bacteria comes from the tongue and its porous surface. The unique Sonicare tongue brush is equipped with 240 micro bristles- for a powerful fresh clean feel that lasts.

Remember to always read the product instructions and have fun!