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    Welcome to the Covent Garden Dental Spa, your Dentist in central London.  We offer a range of dental treatments from General Dentistry to Specialist and Cosmetic Dentistry.

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    Let us be your Central London Dentist

    The Covent Garden Dental Spa offers high quality, bespoke dentistry, tailor-made to suit your dental needs. We guarantee to provide a truly positive experience that will improve your outlook on going to the dentist. We will listen and be attentive to your dental treatment needs, to ensure we offer you solutions to provide the perfect outcome.

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  • Confidence to Smile

    Experts in Cosmetic Dentistry

    First impressions count and are very important. Cosmetic dentistry is treatment which involves providing you with treatment which gives you that perfect smile which ensures you are 100% confident to make that great first impression.

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Dentistry with a Pampering Touch

- Need a checkup? -

At the Covent Garden Dental Spa, we provide a wide range of dental treatments, all depending on your needs. We offer a high quality, bespoke dental service.

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- Want a Smile Makeover? -

First impressions count and are very important. Cosmetic dentistry is treatment which ensures you are 100% confident to make that great first impression.

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- Want to brighten your smile? -

Teeth Whitening is a procedure which involves removing stains and discoloration from your teeth and improving the colour of your teeth, by making them appear whiter.

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- Trouble with bleeding gums? -

Your hygiene session will be tailored to suit your oral hygiene requirements. We have a Hygiene Menu for you to choose from.

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- Want braces? -

It’s never too late to wear braces. And now, there are several advanced, exciting ways to straighten your teeth and finally get that beautiful smile.

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- Tooth ache? -

Fear not, we are committed to providing our patients with a 24 hour emergency dental service, and pride ourselves in offering this service all 365 days!

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Your Dentist in Covent Garden

Are you thinking about a Smile makeover or have you always wanted to brighten your smile? Why not contact us for a E-Consultation. You can simply send us a photo of your smile and we’ll get back to you with our suggestions.

Go to our E-Consultation form.

We are unique! We have put together a great team of general dentists, specialists, hygienists and support staff.

We are all highly qualified and have been specifically chosen to ensure your dental treatment will be comfortable, delivered to high level of expertise, all the while ensuring you are at ease.

We have been trained in communication techniques, and we will provide your dental treatment at your own desired pace as this is important to help you overcome any dental anxiety. Once you get to know our team, we are confident you will come to trust us and actually enjoy your visits to the Dental Spa.

Meet the Team

Is it that time of year again? Birthday, Mother’s Day or an anniversary. Stuck for a gift idea? Tired of giving the same boring gifts? How about something different – the gift of a beautiful smile for your loved one. Our website always has something exciting on our special offers page which would make a great gift and make your gift stand out from the other humdrum presies. From half price Teeth Whitening at Christmas or 2 4 1 Deluxe Diamond Hygiene Polish at Valentine’s Day, we have an eclectic mix. See our Special offers page to keep up to date on when these special offers become available. Visit our Vouchers page for ideas for Gift Vouchers.

“Flora looked after me and she is fantastic! I told her that I am terrified and it was so simple, I did not feel anything that she did for me. I thought I had yellow teeth because it was gene but they very white now. Thank you so much Covent Garden Dental Spa.”

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